Vin-o-Ton 2012

2012 Helena Tulve

On May 12, 2012, Helena Tulve's composition for piano, clarinet, and violoncello will be performed at Casòn Hirschprunn. This will be the fifth such work commissioned in the framework of this project. The music of this Estonian composer is closely related to French experimental music and to Gregorian chants, and she belongs to a young, self-confident generation of artists now finally able to develop freely and enjoy self-determination after being liberated from the shackles of Soviet hegemony. Helena Tulve's music is expressive and powerful. It creates emotional tension, and makes use of a rich tonal spectrum.
Her new work will be accompanied on this evening by two compositions from earlier eras - Johann Sebastian Bach's Suite No. 6 for Violoncello and Johannes Brahms' Clarinet Trio Opus 114.

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