Walk Your Talk will personalize your event by transforming your vision into reality.

„an experience becomes a lasting memory“

Business to Business events include:

  • seminar / workshop / meeting
  • congress / convention
  • press conference 
  • incentives
  • teambuilding
  • product launch 
  • fair
  • road show
  • gala dinner 
  • award ceremony
  • political event

Business to Consumer events contain: 

  • animation at POS 
  • open day
  • inauguration / anniversary / opening
  • fashion show
  • tour
  • market
  • sport event
  • cultural event (music, art)
  • online event
  • sponsoring
  • big events (eg. festivals, fairs)
  • TV event

Social Events:

  • Dinner party 
  • Anniversary and Birthday
  • Celebration 
  • Cocktail Party 
  • Aperitifs 
  • Brunch 
  • Graduation Celebration / School Balls
  • Theme Party 
  • Children's Party 

Green Events

Walk Your Talk offers green event services for environmentally responsible and socially respectful events.

Our green events focus on sustainability and offer adequate tools, resources and products to our clients.

Walk your talk believes in the Four „R“ Philosophy:

• Reduce – use only what you need 

• Reuse - don't throw it away

• Recycle – make old into new

• Replace – think and use green 


Contact Walk Your Talk for greener solutions for your next event!

A charity event is a fundraiser held specifically for the purpose of raising money for a specific cause.

Some fields where these events come into use are:

  • Poverty assistance
  • Science and Health
  • Art 
  • Education
  • Sport 
  • Social/ Recreational organizations


Walk Your Talk‘s wedding service aims to provide an intimate relationship with each client so that their personal taste, their preferences and desires become reality. 

Be different. 

By creating moments that delight each of the five senses, we make your proposal, bridal shower and wedding your moment to shine.

We are committed to making this process a smooth one, principally, by paying full attention to our client’s wishes and by satisfying them accordingly, while keeping in mind our expertly informed creativity.

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Under the term unconventional marketing, or guerrilla marketing, one understands that set of promotional strategies, which use „innovative“ communication methods that are different from classic advertising systems, with the goal of attaining maximized outputs from minimal resources and expenses.

Walk your Talk is an event and communication agency that works in an innovative and unconventional way in brand marketing. It is an agency specialized in techniques that are different from the traditional advertising. We project and develop operations, which involve the target, attract the attention and activate the word of mouth and the visibility in medias. We understand the changing environment around us and the importance of keeping up with moving trends in today’s market. 

marketing strategy + creative originality = effective Communication 

  • Buzz
  • Marketing
  • Viral
  • Marketing
  • Product Placement 
  • Experiental Marketing
  • Street Marketing 
  • Ambient Media Marketing