We are an event and communication agency
We are events of all shapes and sizes
We are specialized in the creation, production, delivery and management of different events and communication
We are thoughtful, passionate, reliable and efficient
We have fresh and creative ideas
We have the experience, profesionalism, engagement and the know - how


LISTEN to your needs

try to understand what you want to COMMUNICATE

analyse your VALUES

...We simply make your IDEAS happen


Every event is unique.

You give us the original data and we develop and create a concept, which will become a perfectly tailored and customized „dress“. A clear organizational structure allows a smooth course of the event.

„in order to convince, you have to excite“

In order to provide a service that offers new standards in event management, we work in close partnership with our customers, with their needs always at the forefront of our mind.  


Walk Your Talk handles all aspects of event management:
from the layout and design, the location search and budgeting to the light equipment, sound-system, entertainment, catering, staffing, management and coordination and all other necessary tasks.

We have access to various indoor and outdoor event locations in order to find you the perfect place to organize your event at.

„a good event is the best advertising“

we work with a diverse range of clients, some are large, some small, others are new
we value, respect and apply the same effort to each of them, thus ensuring to create lasting and productive relationships

„actions speak louder than words“

                            (Mark Twain)

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